World Class Elite Athlete

Elite Middle Distance Runner

training for USA Nationals

Competition is a word based off of FEAR...


I have NO FEAR.

-Emily Rosario

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in Track & Field


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P E R S O N A L   R E C O R D S

Personal Records

Road / Cross Country (XC)

Road Mile: 5:06.78, Midland Mile, August 19 2018

3K Track: 10:15, Quarantine Games, Oct 31 2020

5K Track: 17:48.15, Quarantine Games, Nov 14 2020

5K Road: 18:05.5, Fitzgerald's Lager, June 23 2019

5K Cross Country: 18:54.72, USATF-NJ Champs Aug 26 2018

6K Cross Country: 22:34, USA Nationals, December 2019

8K Road: 29:49.44, Ashenfelter, November 2017

8K Cross Country: 30:45.56, October 21 2018

12K Road: 47:53, Hook by the Crook, September 8 2018

Half Marathon: 1:26:31.79, Shades of Death, Oct 13 2019


500m: 1:17.72, BU Terrier Classic, Feb 12 2016

600m: 1:35.73, Fast Track National Invite, Feb 10 2017

800m: 2:14.43, Fast Track Last Chance, Feb 24 2017

1,000m: 2:56.07, BU Terrier Classic Jan 25 2020

1 Mile: 5:02.73, Millrose (DMR), February 2019


400m: 59.96, USATF Club Nationals, June 8 2016

800m: 2:13.43, Swarthmore, May 14 2018

1500m: 4:42.94, Ryder Invitational, April 14 2018

1 Mile: 5:04.77, New Jersey International, June 10 2018


Elite Athletics - Garden State Track Club

2019 USATF-NJ Giralda Farms 5K, Gold Medalist

2019 USATF-NJ Shades of Death Half Marathon,1st age grp

2019 USATF-NJ Fitzgerald's 5K, UOA Athlete of the Week

2019 USATF-NY 1500M New York Regional Gold 

2018 USATF Nationals Cross Country Competitor

2018 USATF-NJ 8K Cross Country Bronze Medalist

2018 USATF-NJ Newport Half Marathon,1st age grp

2018 USATF-NJ 5K XC Silver Medalist

2018 USATF-NJ Midland Mile Gold Medalist

2018 GS10 5K Gold Medalist

2017 USATF Nationals Cross Country Competitor

2017 USATF-NJ 5K XC Gold Medalist Champion

2017 USATF-NJ 8K Silver Medalist

2017 USATF-NJ Midland Mile Silver Medalist

2017 USATF 4x800 Outdoor Club Gold Medalist

2016 USATF 4x800 & 4x400 Outdoor Club Gold

2016 New Rochelle 5K Silver Medalist 

2015 Yonkers 5K Gold Medalist

2015 McCarren Park 5K Gold Medalist (age group)


Collegiate Athletics - Long Island University

2011-2012 Top Cross Country Female Runner

3x Division 1 North-Eastern Conference Team Champ

Long Island University D1 Athletics Scholarship


High School Athletics - St. John's Preparatory

2006 CHSAA Champion

2006 New York State Cross Country Competitor

2005-2006 Most Valuable Female Athlete

2005 New York State Cross Country  Competitor

2004-2005 Best Female Newcomer

2004 Millrose Games 4x400 Team Competitor


Open Athlete of the Year

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University Orthopedic Association honors Emily Rosario

M A R T I A L    A R T S

Jeet Kune Do

Orange Belt

 It is not a style, it is a philosophy.


“Absorb what is useful, reject what is Useless, add what is essentially your own."  - Bruce Lee

I currently have a Yellow Belt in Jeet Kune Do. In order to maintain and grow into an orange belt, I must continue to study as a student by practicing, American Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Kali, Weapons Training, and Anti-Grappling/Trapping.

& a little bit of everything else...

Cross Fit & Parkour

One thing I do enjoy a lot is exploring different sports. I grew up playing a wide-variety of sports and I still hold those punches.

So if you see me doing another athletic 'thing' that doesn't pertain to running, it's just because I love it all.

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