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          Emily Rosario is a special breed of an actor when it comes to sports. With her elite athleticism in track and field, Emily has also learned to play several sports throughout her athletic career and can easily train for additional sports, should they be needed for a film or commercial.

W O R L D   C L A S S   E L I T E   A T H L E T E

T R A C K   &   F I E L D


Emily Rosario, award-winning Olympic Development Runner from Garden State Track Club. She specializes in middle distance from 800m to the 8K.

Born and raised Brooklynite, she started her running career in 2004 for St. John's Prep High School. She then ran for Division 1 Athletics as a sponsored athlete for Brooklyn Campus, Long Island University. 

Her post-collegiate career began with Central Park Track Club but has been running for Garden State Track Club since summer 2016 and has never looked back; Running Personal Records year after year, there's a hunger in Emily that is replenished with the energy and consistency to get better and better.

She is also the Creative Director and CEO of

She created this company after her long-life career in media arts production.


As a professionally trained actress, her entrepreneurial spirit rises with her company, Focused Artworks. She hopes to bring fans from all over the world to follow her journey as an elite athlete, a professional actress and female entrepreneur.

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P E R S O N A L   R E C O R D S


Road / Cross Country (XC)

Road Mile: 4:59.8, New Balance 5th Ave, September 12 2021

5K Road: 17:30.9, USATF-NJ Little Silver October 3 2021

5K Cross Country: 18:54.72, USATF-NJ Champs Aug 26 2018

6K Cross Country: 20:54 USATF-NJ Champs, Nov 6 2022

6K Nationals XC: 21:51.5 USA Nationals, Dec 9 2023

8K Road: 28:31, Ashenfelter, Nov. 24, 2022

8K Cross Country: 30:45.56, October 21 2018

12K Road: 47:53, Hook by the Crook, September 8 2018

Half Marathon: 1:24:31 Empire State Half Oct 1 2023


400m: 58.9* (4x400)  St. Thomas Aquinas Invite, Jan 13 2023

500m: 1:17.72, BU Terrier Classic, Feb 12 2016

600m: 1:35.73, Fast Track National Invite, Feb 10 2017

800m: 2:12.13, Miles Mania, February 3 2022

1,000m: 2:51.06, St. Thomas Aquinas Invite Jan 13 2023

1 Mile: 4:50.60, Miles Mania, March 17 2022

3K Track: 9:55, St. Thomas Aquinas Invite, Jan 2024


400m: 59.2*, 4x4 Relay East Coast Champs, June 24, 2021

800m: 2:11.02, Rider Invitational, April 23 2022

1500m: 4:26.38, East Coast Champs, June 23 2021

1 Mile: 4:56.05, Hoka Festival of Miles, June 3 2021

5K Track: 17:17.06, GSTC Showcase #1, Oct 23, 2022


Post-Collegiate Athletics - Club Runner

2023 Bronze Medalist Empire Half Marathon

2023 St. Thomas Aquinas Spartan Invite 1000m Gold Medalist

2022 USATF 67th Finisher out of 254 (TOP 25%) XC Nationals

2022 USATF-NJ Ashenfelter 8K, 2x Silver Medalist (B2B Years)

2022 USATF-NJ 6K XC Silver Medalist

2022 Garden State Track Club Most Valuable Player MVP

2022 Penn Relays Summer Showcase 800m Gold Medalist 

2021 USATF Cross Country Nationals 6K, 54th of 190 in the country

2021 USATF-NJ Ashenfelter 8K, Silver Medalist

2021 Garden State TC Oval Office 5K, Silver Medalist

2021 USATF-NJ Little Silver 5K, Silver Medalist

2021 USATF-NJ East Coast Champs, 4x4 Relay Gold Medalist

2021 USATF-NJ East Coast Champs, 1500m Top 6 Finisher

2021 USATF-NJ East Coast Champs, 800m Top 6 Finisher

2021 USATF-NJ East Coast Winter Champs, 4x4 Relay Silver Medalist

2021 USATF-NJ East Coast Winter Champs, 1 Mile Silver Medalist

2021 NYRR 1 Mile Series, Washington Heights, Gold Medalist

2019 USATF-NJ Giralda Farms 5K, Gold Medalist

2019 USATF-NJ Shades of Death Half Marathon,1st age grp

2019 USATF-NJ Fitzgerald's 5K, UOA Athlete of the Week

2019 USATF-NY 1500M New York Regional Gold 

2018 USATF Nationals Cross Country Competitor

2018 USATF-NJ 8K Cross Country Bronze Medalist

2018 USATF-NJ Newport Half Marathon,1st age grp

2018 USATF-NJ 5K XC Silver Medalist

2018 USATF-NJ Midland Mile Gold Medalist

2018 GS10 5K Gold Medalist

2017 USATF Nationals Cross Country Competitor

2017 USATF-NJ 5K XC Gold Medalist Champion

2017 USATF-NJ 8K Silver Medalist

2017 USATF-NJ Midland Mile Silver Medalist

2017 USATF 4x800 Outdoor Club Gold Medalist

2016 USATF 4x800 & 4x400 Outdoor Club Gold

2016 New Rochelle 5K Silver Medalist 

2015 Yonkers 5K Gold Medalist

2015 McCarren Park 5K Gold Medalist (age group)

2013 Atticus, my Neuro-Diverse son, was born

Collegiate Athletics - Long Island University

2011-2012 Top Cross Country Female Runner

3x Division 1 North-Eastern Conference Team Champ

Long Island University D1 Athletics Scholarship


High School Athletics - St. John's Preparatory

2006 CHSAA Champion

2006 New York State Cross Country Competitor

2005-2006 Most Valuable Female Athlete

2005 New York State Cross Country  Competitor

2004-2005 Best Female Newcomer

2004 Millrose Games 4x400 Team Competitor

Sometimes to succeed, you need a team to

W E I G H T   T R A I N I N G 


Knowledge in

  • Olympic Style Lifting

  • Calisthenics

  • SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness)

  • SMR (Self Myofascial Release)

  • Active Recovery Techniques

  • Injury Prevention

  • Kinesiology Tape

M A R T I A L   A R T S  - S T U N T S

On Camera Stunt Training

  • UATW Training at New Rochelle, NY

  • Tactical - Weapons Training - Drivers East

Orange Belt in Jeet Kune Do

  • American Boxing

  • Filipino Martial Arts

  • Wing Chun

  • Muay Thai

  • Weapons (Knife, Kali/Escrima)

  • Trapping Techniques

O T H E R   S P O R T S

From the pool 🏊 to a run 🏃🏽‍♀️

Current Sports​

  • Biking

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

  • Bowling


  • Obstacle Course 

  • Rope Climbing

Previous Sports

  • Golf (3 years)

  • Softball (7 years) 

Middle School MVP - Outfield and 2nd Base

  • Basketball (2 years)


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