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A L L   A B O U T   H E R  

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Emily Rosario
5'6" - SAG-E - Born October 3rd

I AM...
a Business Owner, Designer/Contemporary Artist of Focused Artworks

an Olympic Development Middle Distance Runner

a Represented SAG-Eligible Actress with a Film/TV agent and manager

a daughter of an NYPD Officer and native New Yorker

a mother of a 10 year old son named Atticus

Atticus Rodriguez

Born August 10, 2013

Loving, Intellectual, and Autistic

Loves to code, play soccer and run track


High White Belt in Jeet Kune Do

Atticus was featured in a Mother's Day music video with Emily 



DSC_9422 (1).jpg

Meet Emily, an extraordinary woman who embodies the true essence of resilience and ambition. As a devoted mother to a neurodivergent child, she embraces the challenges with unwavering love and dedication, advocating for inclusivity and understanding in every aspect of her life.

In the world of athletics, Emily's footsteps are an inspiration. With numerous accolades and awards as an elite runner, she effortlessly glides through the track, pushing her limits with each stride. Her determination and unwavering focus have propelled her to the forefront of her sport, serving as a beacon of inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere.

Not content with limiting herself to just one passion, Emily's entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Focused Artworks, a thriving athletic brand that marries her love for art and athleticism. Through this venture, she encourages individuals to channel their inner creativity while pursuing their athletic goals, bringing a unique blend of style and performance to the sporting world.

But Emily's talents extend far beyond the realm of athletics and entrepreneurship. Her versatile abilities shine brightly on the stage and screen as a multi-talented actress. Whether it's delivering a powerful monologue or immersing herself in diverse roles, she captivates audiences with her magnetic presence and the depth of her performances.

Through her remarkable journey, Emily epitomizes the true meaning of passion and determination. A nurturing mother, an award-winning runner, a visionary entrepreneur, and a versatile actress—she embodies the essence of a modern-day renaissance woman, proving that with dedication, resilience, and a dash of creativity, one can conquer any path they choose.



Emily's illustrious career in the film and TV production industry spanned an impressive 10 years, during which she showcased her diverse skill set and remarkable talent behind the scenes. As a producer, she meticulously orchestrated projects from conception to completion, overseeing every aspect of the production process with precision and a keen eye for detail.

In her role as an editor, Emily crafted captivating narratives, seamlessly weaving together footage to bring stories to life. Her expertise in post-production ensured that the final product resonated with audiences on an emotional level, leaving a lasting impact.

As a lighting director, Emily utilized her artistic sensibility and technical knowledge to create visually stunning compositions. Through her meticulous manipulation of light and shadow, she transformed ordinary sets into breathtaking landscapes that enhanced the storytelling experience.

Emily's versatility extended to her work as a camera operator, capturing compelling visuals with finesse and precision. With an innate understanding of framing, angles, and movement, she flawlessly translated the director's vision into mesmerizing shots that added depth and richness to every scene.

However, as Emily's love for storytelling continued to grow, she felt an undeniable pull towards the front of the camera. Inspired by the performances she witnessed and driven by her own innate passion for acting, she made the bold decision to transition into an acting career.

Driven by her experience in film and TV production, Emily possessed a unique perspective and an acute understanding of the intricacies involved in bringing characters to life. This background gave her a distinct advantage, allowing her to approach roles with a depth of knowledge and a profound appreciation for the collaborative nature of filmmaking.

With unwavering determination, Emily embarked on a new chapter, honing her acting skills through rigorous training and immersing herself in a range of roles across various mediums. Drawing upon her vast experiences in the industry, she brought a rare authenticity and nuance to her performances, capturing the hearts of audiences and industry professionals alike.

Emily's transition from behind-the-scenes powerhouse to a captivating actress exemplifies her fearless pursuit of creative fulfillment. With her multifaceted background and a profound understanding of the art of storytelling, she seamlessly transformed into a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the camera, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.


Long Island University

Bachelor's of Arts in Film and Television Production

NEC Division 1 Scholarship for Track and Field
Emily Rosario, part of a three-time winning North East Conference team, Long Island University Blackbirds
graduation photo.jpg
Emily Rosario takes a post graduation photo with her Grandmother, Emilia

C A R E E R   J O U R N E Y

Lots of long halls.jpg
Finallyyyy dreams can come true!.jpg
Emily Rosario begins her journey with the Sochi Olympics and Live Sports Shows for Premier League, American Football and more.

NBC Sports

Teleprompter and Scripts

Even at entry-level production work, I had a lot of responsibility. Printing rundowns and script copies for the entire television crew before going on air at NBC Sports located at Stamford, CT.

It was a great experience and wonderful opportunity I had earned right after having my son Atticus. I also feel that this opportunity came my way because of having a child as a college graduate.

Meanwhile, I was still doing freelance work as a Assistant Camera Operator on many film production sets.

From extreme low budget films that dangerously used real weapons, like a knife, to very high productions like at YouTube Studios.

Indie Film

Frat Star



We Just Met


Black Star

Gays: The Series


Starring Austin Pendleton

The Policy

Camera Operator

1st A.C., 2nd A.C., 3rd A.C.

Indie features and In-Studio Productions

Emily Rosario was proficient in a variety of cameras
including, Alexa, RED, Canon, Panasonic, JVC, Go Pro
Emily worked on a pilot for Amazon. It didn't go through, but it was still fun
Emily Rosario was able to slate, act as D.I.T. and of course, Camera Pull

Newscast Creative

Multimedia Specialist

Lighting the green screen here at work f
This is when Emily discovered how to work with green screen.
From yesterday's shoot, I had three cont
Robotics work with Movi and Ronin, and stabilized with the Kessler and Fig Rig
This is was a iRobot live project that Emily used a robotic rig to control the camera

Working at Newscast Creative had given me the real power to create, the real power to learn and helped me earn skills in multiple job titles I never had even imagined.

Producer & Writer Script

Writing, Original Content, Hiring Freelancers, Proposals, Storyboarding

Video Specialties

Green Screen, Press Conferences, Fairs, SMTs, Webcast, PSAs 

Editor Specialties

Photo/Video Editing, Green Screen, Multi-Cam, Motion Graphics, Infomercials, Ads, PSAs

Lighting Technician & Audio Specialties

Green Screen, Press Conferences, Fairs, SMTs, Webcast

Television & Corporate



Chick Tech



United Healthcare

Madame Tussad's


Bank of America

NY Comic Con

The Tour


The background in this section is a set up she did to create a mini car commercial.

Major League Baseball

Game Day Producer and Editor

I specialized in live game day edits, quick turn around content videos from 30 - 60 seconds for, to bi-lingual (Spanish) Latino clips. I even created scripts for the voiceover talents to create.

Proficient in a Mac/PC

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere

Today, I celebrate being a mother at my
Working on Mother's Day, Emily asked a staff member to take a photo to send to her son
Proficient in the GIO ETC lighting board and
certified for Hippotizer 4, Beginner and Advanced
lighting director.jpg
From moving lights to designing a new show on
the Lighting Board, she loved this.

Microsoft eSports

Lighting Director for Mixer Streaming

This was by far one of the most free-minded jobs I've ever held. Creating an entire studio on a mere Director and Producer idea, I had to creatively visualize the color, the mood, the setting and the atmosphere with fog machines.

I realized how important Lighting is and how Lighting has control over the entire production. I created diagrams, moved and plotted multiple lekos, LEDs, cineos, green screen, live events all in a matter of a 2-3 day turn around at most.

I made 8-10 events a month all on only 2 days of training with a professional lighting technician. That's how quickly I can understand technique and take direction.

The background in this section was a
screen she programmed for various eSports shows.

eSports Shows

Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG)

Fort Nite        Gears of War

Rocket League        Sega Genesis CSGO      Assassin's Creed

Rocket League        WWE 2K17

Tekken 7               Dota2

Forza: Horizon        FIFA17

For Honor         Madden

Oculus      Paladins

Killer Instinct   HearthStone

Drone Racing League & Swatch

& more


Unable to afford a professional photographer for Atticus' Baptism, She utilized a simple sheet and pillow to create this photo.

Photography was something I had just done on and off throughout my entire career. I think everyone is a photographer in their own way.

We all just visualize differently.

From freelance to temporary positions, wearing multiple hats to adapt in her career to continue to support her child Atticus.


Episodics, Commercial, and Hosting

Now more than ever, training as an actress and hostess, I learn the format for screenwriting for film, tv and hosting. I can also read off a teleprompter, if needed.

E X P E R I E N C E    M A T T E R S

N O W   S T A R R I N G . . .

May 27 2024_EmilyRosario_082_ret.jpg

Emily Rosario

The Brooklynite Actress

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