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Updated: May 21

Can you imagine going outside to a public space and seeing the majority of people NOT wearing a mask? I can, because I see it happen every time I go running into a public NYC park. It's pretty insane, actually. Here I am, trying to get my track practice in with a 98% of these people NOT WEARING ANYTHING in front of their face.

Emily is stimulating an outdoor season during the CO-VID19 pandemic.

McCarren Park Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Partnering with Vastrm has been the best decision I've made since the pandemic. Together, we can stop the spread significantly and protect ourselves by wearing Vastrm masks. The fabric they used to create these masks are anti-bacterial. You can wash them, and is constructed with several protective and breathable layers. They also include a filter where it can easily be replaced.

Statistically, you can drop your chances of getting the Coronavirus immensely by wearing this mask. So please take CO-VID 19 more seriously! I mean, we’re not even working! Everything is closed! Common sense people.. I don’t care how fit you are or if your nutrition game is on point. If you’re not wearing a mask, you are seriously sending red flags to the universe.

Lucky for you, you can now save 20% off using my special promo code ERMASK with my partnership with Vastrm. 

Here‘s the link,

promo code ERMASK for 20% off

With the link above and my promo code ERMASK you'll be doing yourself great service of protecting yourself, supporting to wear masks in the community and even save some money on this purchase altogether. We are slowing revving back up and if you don't have this mask, you won't be ale to enter most restaurants, outlets and more. So stop reading and make your purchase today.

You’ll thank me later


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