"Fear is not a word in my dictionary"

"El miedo no es una palabra en mi diccionario"

-Emily Rosario

"Competition is a word based off of FEAR... 


..I have NO FEAR.

-Emily Rosario

My son, Atticus Rodriguez has had his first role as an actor with his supportive Mommy, Emily Rosario
Brandi Carlile's 'The Mother'
Captures All of Motherhood
Via: Taste Of Country

         "The video was created by an all-female team and features New York City-area mothers Cheyenne Baer, Victoria Joseph, Snehi S. Kapur, Helena Paek, Sheila Williams, and Emily Rosario, along with their families..."

Atticus in his Elementary School, 1st grade.
"It's a Battle Scar": The Emotional Toll of C-Sections No-one Talks About
By: Kate Morgan

         Published on my birthday October 3rd, I have been part of Harper Bazaar Magazine “It’s a Battle Scar”: The Emotional Toll of C-Sections No-one Talks About.

Being a Mother is definitely a one in a lifetime experience.
Emily Rosario runs for her life as an Olympic Hopeful
Valley Stream gym hosts audition
for Olympic Hopefuls
By: Laura Blasey

         Emily Rosario looks forward to the moment each day that she can lace up her sneakers and go for a run, pushing herself toward a lifelong dream of an Olympic gold medal.

       “I know one way or another I’m meant to be in the Olympics,” said Rosario,a single mom from Brooklyn who runs almost daily.


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